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Digital Prepress Capabilities

Customized Private FTP Sites
- We develop a customized ftp site just for you. New to ftp file transfer? Check our Helpful Links page for some ftp data transfer software options.

Fully Digital Workflow
- Utilizing Kodak Prinergy workflow, we offer fully imposed wide format Epson proofs. We are also equipped with (2) Konica C-2070 digital presses that assist in any digital print job you may have.
- We utilize (2) Kodak Trendsetter 800 Quantum platesetters to automate the production of our thermal plates. At Axiom we have combined that technology with state-of-the-art Stocato Screening. This specialized screening allows us to further enhance the benefits of a fully digital workflow and achieve greater detail in addition to brighter, cleaner colors.

For any questions on prepress capabilities please contact our Prepress manager Mike Sprang mikesprang@axiomimpressions.com or call 816.883.2133.